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Express Fluency NYC April 2015

Hello to those who attended the weekend classes in amazing New York City!! (and to those of you reading this post who didn’t attend!  We had a great time!)

For those who were not there, we worked through several stories.  My goal was to give students the background structures to make reading the novel Pobre Ana Bailo Tango comprehensible and clear.  Much of our discussion ended up centered around the first two minutes of this clip from the movie Dirty Dancing:

(We used it primarily without sound in a “Movie Talk” format.)  Because almost all of the class was familiar with the movie, we used their command of Spanish and the focus structures from earlier stories and conversation to share their knowledge with students who were not quite as familiar with it.   At the end of the first day, I asked the class to write, in Spanish, whatever they could about the movie and what we had discussed.    That became the material for the Embedded Reading below.

“Dirty Dancing”

Thank you to all of the amazing participants!!  I hope to see you again May 30 and 31st!!

PS  Check back in a day or two.  I’m going to put the History of Carly and Terry in an Embedded Reading format for you as well!

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