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Amersfoort ETPRS16

Hello to all of you who attended ETPRS16!!  What a wonderful opportunity it was to  meet and get to know you!   This post has been delayed due to a few technical glitches, but we are working those out and the first PowerPoint is ready to share!

This is the adapted PowerPoint for our presentation on morning #1..Literacy Part 1.


Check back in the next few days and the others should be there as well!

with love,


Danielson Rubric Adaptation for CI Classrooms

Here is the adaptation of the Danielson Rubric that a number of people have used to discuss Comprehensible Input in the classroom with others.

The rubric was sent to the Danielson people for review and I have permission to share it.

I hope that it is helpful!

with love,



Agen 2016


Here you will find the PowerPoints and handouts that we used in the presentations in Agen, France in July 2016.  So glad that you are here!

Please remember that these are for your personal and professional use.  They are not to be sold.  You may share them with others.


Agen ER Day 1

Embedding Reading in Agen Part 2

Helpful Handout:

Handout for Embedded Reading Agen 16

If you have any questions, please contact me at lclarcq@yahoo.com!!

with love,



Justin Slocum Bailey on Twisted Embedded Readings

For you to enjoy!  A fantastic post at www.indwellinglanguage.com on

Twisted Embedded Readings

You’ll love it!  Thank you so much Justin!

TCI Ohio in Dublin!!

Welcome to a snowy start in Ohio!!

Thank you for tuning in!

We had so much fun yesterday!  Thanks again to Siri for her perfectly timed appearance!!

Here is a top 10 document that might be helpful for you:

Embedded Reading Top 10 ish

The PowerPoint:

Ohio TCI Embedded Reading2

and your German story:

German Story Plus2

after the German story there is another story that you can use (just change the language!) with your students for practice!!

Please keep in touch and check out the other resources on the website!


NYSAFLT Spring Colloquium 2016

Welcome to the NYSAFLT Colloquium / Rochester Regional Spring 2016!!

Together we will build a collection for you to refer to on this page.

Here is your copy of the PowerPoint:

Embedded R roch regional 16

and here is a short summary!

Embedded Reading Top 10 ish

For those of you interested in Movie Talk video clips here are two resources:

Movie Talk and Embedded Reading


Take a look around then website, and if there is anything I can help you with, please do not hesitate to email me lclarcq@yahoo.com

ACTFL 15 Engaging Novice Students Read in Chinese

Welcome to this post and welcome to ACTFL 15!!  Haiyun Lu and I will be posting information about our presentation today on this site.  Please check back for more information based on the presentation.

We are so happy that you are here!


Day of the Dead by Patricia Moller

Patricia, or Trish, writes by the blog name Dulcinea and she has posted an Embedded Reading for lower levels, along with activities (Gracias!!!) on her blog Dulcinea Speaks!

You can find it all here:

Dia de Los Muertos – Dulcinea Speaks

La Tortuga y La Liebre by Bryce Hedstrom

Thank you to Bryce Hedstrom for sharing this wonderful version of The Turtle and the Hare in Spanish!!

La Tortuga y la Liebre Embedded Reading

It is illustrated, has an incredible amount of helpful information and free and available for you to use with your classes.

Thanks again Bryce!!

Otro Cuento de Matt!!

A while ago we posted an Embedded Reading about the young man, Matt Harding, who traveled around the world …dancing!!!

Here is the version of the story in English:

and here you will find it in Spanish.

These readings go very, very well with his 2008 video.

The reading below is a wonderful lead in to a different Matt video!


We read the reading with a variety of activities first and then, after the final version of the story….watched the

2012 video!!  Enjoy!!

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