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CI Midwest October 2018

Hello CI Midwest Attendees!

What an amazing conference!  We had three wonderful hours digging into Embedded Reading. The PowerPoints we used are here (in PDF form) :

 Embedded Reading_ The Basics

Creating Embedded Readings

Here is a document that can help you with creating Embedded Readings!

Creating Embedded Readings

If you would like to see samples of readings in the language(s) you teach, use the bar on the right side to search and click.

Here you will find a document with a variety of reading activities to help you choose activities to use with each level of a reading:

Copy of Reading Activities Chart

Thanks again CI Midwest Crew!!! Hope to see you next year!

CI Mitten Mitten CI 2018

Hello and welcome!!  It was wonderful so see old friends and meet new ones here!

Here is a PDF of the PowerPoint we used.  I’ll post a more complete version as part of a webinar in the next month or so.

Embedded Reading FP_ The Basics

Many of you asked for reading activities.  Here is a chart with a number of activities on it.  You may want additional explanations, but this list is a great place to start!

Reading Activities Chart

with love,


An Online Opportunity

Scott Benedict at Teach For June has created an amazing opportunity for educators!  Fifteen presenters, forty topics and fifty hours of valuable information…all online from March 24-April 15!  Two of those workshops are on Embedded Reading and there is much, much more.   Check out the opportunity at www.comprehensible.online !


COACH Inspires!!

I’m having a wonderful day with passionate and dedicated language teachers at Los Alamitos High School!

We started the morning with Jason Fritze reviewing the ACTFL Core Practices.   

Here you will find the PowerPoint for the Community-S. presentation.

Here is the PowerPoint for theEmbedded Reading Intro for Coach that we used today!

Go here if you want to see/use thegrandma-all levels copy .

Interested in the Embedded Reading using Enrique and Eres Tú?  Click here:   Eres tu con Enrique

Right now the participants are working in language groups examining best practices and the skills needed to incorporate Core Practices with COMPREHENSIBLE INPUT in the real classroom.  They are being led by members of the (devoted and skilled) COACH team.

We are watching video clips of teachers in the classroom, with their own students and identifying (and appreciating!)  what we see.   What a wonderful model.  Bit by bit this idea of opening ourselves up to others in the profession is taking hold…and I really think that it will radically change classrooms across the country.

Kudos to COACH for all they do!

with love,


Hearts For Teaching is Alive and Well Again!

Thank you to all of you for your patience and flexibility while the site was down!  The Hearts For Teaching blog posts will now be found here.    Since many of you have asked, I’ll post a blurb here on the Embedded Reading site when a new Hearts For Teaching post comes up so that you can stay connected. (or you can follow me there too!)

The newest post is “Time To Slow Down.”  Remember, this is about my kids and my classroom; what you do is always up to you!

with love,


It Ain’t All Rainbows and Lollipops: Hearts For Teaching Blog Post

Hearts For Teaching Blog Posts will appear here until September 1st.

Just in case you were thinking that it is all rainbows and lollipops….I don’t want to mislead you…it isn’t.  And almost ALL of the things aren’t have to do with me.  Well, me and the fact that teachers are expected to do so many things.

Remember the “Magic Attendance Poster”?

Well….it only works if I have remembered to get the cards in before classes start!!

And the posters the kids are handing in?

Well….if I don’t remember to ask each student if his/her name is on the poster I have no idea who to give credit to!!

The list goes on…..

It’s the consistent follow up that makes the difference….and I will ALWAYS have to work on that!!

Here are a few other things I haven’t yet completed:

  1.  Signing the twenty 504 plans that came in and noting each child’s needs somewhere where I will remember them.
  2. Creating and printing the syllabus for Back to School Night on Thursday.
  3. Entering the grades from last week’s quiz and the posters. (Although I did get the grade book set up!)
  4. A parent phone call that I really need to make. (Although I did get the other four done.)
  5. Turning in the three days of emergency sub plans required by the district for each level of instruction.

And that list, too, goes on….

Just remember, if you are a blog follower, that we too are teachers just like you.  We tend to post about the successes, but we ALL have our lists, and our less-than-successes to share.

with love,


Part 2 An Anchor For The Storms: Hearts For Teaching Blog Post


This year I decided to add a second poster option for my Spanish 2 students (primarily 7th graders).  About 1/3rd had had me as a teacher last year and I didn’t want them to have to do the same poster over again! Also, it was so successful that I wanted to see if it also worked with our Goals !

In Our Class We Try To…







This week we focused on Respect and Understand as we began to get to know each other and how the class would run.  Next week we’ll add Communicate.

These goals, like the statement in the previous post, serve as a touchpoint for us all year long.  I was able to use them over and over again just this week.

Check out some of their work above and below!

with love,


PS  I’ve invited the principal and two assistant principals to come in and choose their favorite poster (from both options)  I will color copy and frame them to be hung in their offices!!

An Anchor For The Storms Part 1:Hearts For Teaching Blog Post

The first weeks of school seem “easy” to some teachers.  In their rooms, students seem to follow the rules and do what is expected.  It is sometimes referred to as the “honeymoon” period, when everything is sweet and wonderful.

I don’t usually experience that, and maybe many language teachers do not.  Our expectations are different than the expectations of other teachers.  Our rooms are set up differently than the rooms of other teachers.  Our relationships with students are often different than those of other teachers.  For those reasons, it is extremely important to set the boundaries.   What are the parameters of behavior?  What is acceptable?  What isn’t?

Because I teach using TPRS® (thank you Bryce Hedstrom for this!) my students are going to be in a highly-participatory, interactive classroom.   This is new for many of them and it takes some time for us to work it out!!   So for me, the first few weeks are very, very important and my brain is highly alert for ways to time,  orchestrate and/or take advantage of the first and best opportunities to share HOW this class will work.  Once we get things rolling, then I relax a little bit!

For the last decade or so, I have started students with the following statement (or something very similar!_:

The purpose of communication is to put a picture into the mind, and/or heart, of another person. 

It is not a quote;  it’s one of my belief statements….in the classroom and in life.  I use it to “anchor” the classroom.

What do I mean by “anchor”?

Well, teaching can sometimes feel as if you are out on the high seas in the middle of a hurricane.   It’s hard, with all that is going on and all that is required, to keep upright and to keep going in the right direction.   Sometimes you need an anchor to keep you from blasting off in the wrong direction without meaning to.

So I use all or parts of this statement to come back to over and over again.

It is an introduction to the concept of visualization.  I want students to visualize what they hear and read.

It is a reminder that clarity is important.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.

It is a reminder that words have power.  We should use them wisely.

It is commitment to not only communicate with the minds, but also the hearts, of everyone in the class.

But most of all, it gives me the starting point for checking for understanding?  Is the meaning (the picture) clear?

I ask students to create a poster (8″x10″ minimum) with that statement.  They keep them in the front of their folders and I post copies of many of them around the room.   As always….students blow me away with their work!!  (Check out samples from some of this year’s 6th graders above and below!)

with love,



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