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Welcome to Embedded Reading!!

This website is dedicated to helping teachers learn about, create and use Embedded Readings.   An Embedded Reading is a series of scaffolded versions of one text, designed to help readers to acquire language, learn content and improve literacy skills.

Please Read with Grace….

Just a quick note to remind you that the material that you find here on the blog has been shared by hard-working teachers.  It is yours to use with students, share with colleagues, or to help you to become more proficient in a language.   Please realize that the posters and the administrators of this blog are only human.   You WILL see errors.  Feel free to correct them before using any pieces here with your students.  If something truly is egregious, please email me at lclarcq@yahoo.com.

Feel free to change and adapt these for your students.   Do NOT feel free to try to profit from them.  That would be a violation of U.S. copyright laws and frankly, terribly bad form.
Thank you so much!

Laurie and Michele



All content of this website © Embedded Reading 2012-2014 or original authors.  Unauthorized use or distribution of materials without express and written consent of its owners is strictly prohibited.   Examples and  links may be used as long as clear and direct reference to the site and original authors is clearly established.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Embedded Reading!!

  1. Lizette on said:


    Thank you Laurie and Michele for this site! It was just what I was looking for. I want to use Piratas with my level one Spanish class and want to ensure success for this group of very needy students. Has anyone used embedded reading with Piratas? Does anyone wish to collaborate with me on using it? I don’t know, maybe it will not be necessary, any comments?


  2. I think that Chapter 1 is a good place to start…it has a TON of information in it….and it is critical for the kids to get into it for the rest of the story to be intriguing!! I can post to the morelist and ask if anyone else wants to give it a try. What do you think?!!

    with love,

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