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Embedded Reading Calendar: Workshops and Training

Below are upcoming workshops and training opportunities for Embedded Reading.   Some are a portion of a workshop, others are longer and more involved.   If you are presenting on Embedded Reading, please post a comment with the information so that we can add it to the list!!

If you have any questions about these opportunities, or are interested in arranging a workshop, please contact us at lclarcq@yahoo.com

Date          Venue                          Location                        Presenter                     Contact/Information

April 2017

13        Canandaigua Middle School  Canandaigua, NY    Laurie Clarcq  lclarcq@yahoo.com

July 2016

11-14      IFLT                     Denver, CO          Michele Whaley, Laurie Clarcq       www.fluencymatters.com

17-21      NTPRS                San Antonio, TX                           Laurie Clarcq              www.ntprs.info

22-29    Agen Conference    Agen, France                           Laurie Clarcq              www.tprs-witch.com




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3 thoughts on “Embedded Reading Calendar: Workshops and Training

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  2. Do you have any workshops coming up for 2017?

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