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COACH Inspires!!

I’m having a wonderful day with passionate and dedicated language teachers at Los Alamitos High School!

We started the morning with Jason Fritze reviewing the ACTFL Core Practices.   

Here you will find the PowerPoint for the Community-S. presentation.

Here is the PowerPoint for theEmbedded Reading Intro for Coach that we used today!

Go here if you want to see/use thegrandma-all levels copy .

Interested in the Embedded Reading using Enrique and Eres Tú?  Click here:   Eres tu con Enrique

Right now the participants are working in language groups examining best practices and the skills needed to incorporate Core Practices with COMPREHENSIBLE INPUT in the real classroom.  They are being led by members of the (devoted and skilled) COACH team.

We are watching video clips of teachers in the classroom, with their own students and identifying (and appreciating!)  what we see.   What a wonderful model.  Bit by bit this idea of opening ourselves up to others in the profession is taking hold…and I really think that it will radically change classrooms across the country.

Kudos to COACH for all they do!

with love,


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