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Do You Use Embedded Readings?

On the moretprs listserv the following question appeared:

” Does anyone use embedded readings? If so, I would love to hear how you implement it in the classrooms. What steps do you take? Do you use different activities? It sounds like a great idea and something very useful for writing.

Would love to hear what you do with this in the classroom.”

Here is the first response!

“We read the first (short and basic) reading together as a class to make sure that everyone understands. Then I let kids continue by reading alone, in pairs, or in groups of 3. They can choose to read the second version (about 1/2 page) or the 3rd (a page). The second version is at a level that most of the students can handle fairly easily; in the 3rd I may add some new words or change things to something a little more advanced (like using entiende instead of comprende, for example).”


I hope to post more questions and answers for you!


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