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Londres 2012 Natacion

Here are additional urls for articles related to Olympic swimming 2012.  Right now I plan to look at articles about the Spanish swimmer Mireia Belmonte with my classes.   She is from near Barcelona.   Two years ago we had an exchange student from Barcelona who became good friends with many of this year’s Spanish 4 students.  This will definitely make them cheer for this young lady and what she has accomplished.








A Great Idea for an Embedded Reading

From Michele Whaley

originally posted May 23, 2012 on www.mjtprs.wordpress.com

Yesterday in the first day of a workshop with the wonderful Cherise Montgomery, I watched a culturally-based power point that gave me yet another way to think about embedded readings.

Cherise started by telling the name of an artist and showing a picture of him. On the next slide, she showed a picture, asked his name, and added that he liked to paint. (All the words she used were also written on the slide.)

In the next one, she asked his name, confirmed his name and what he liked to do, and explained that he liked to paint murals. And so on. The text kept growing.

Then she introduced a new artist and used the same kind of information, but added a painting of a girl. It turned out that the girl was sad. Why was she sad? We tried to figure it out.

The next slide was another artist, who liked to paint yet other kinds of paintings, but it turned out that he was a friend of the girl in the picture, and she was no longer sad because she had a friend.

This whole thing was beautifully thought out, and had lots of circling. The only thing it didn’t have was the TPRS personalization piece, but that would be easy to bring in, if you did comparisons.


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