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Question #2: What happens in between the versions?

Here is a fantastic Q and A about this topic.  M has a good understanding of how to create an embedded reading, but isn't really sure about what happens when using the readings with students.:

M:  What I don't understand is what happens between the scaffolding versions, or levels -- if the words are new in the second scaffolding, do you use those in stories, for CI ... or do you try the next scaffold level? 

J:  When doing a story or whatever we normally add in 3-4 new structures. I have been treating embedded readings like this. When we are ready for the next 
    "level" of the reading, I build that level using the day's 3-4 new structures.

M:  It sounds as if some of you use them the same day, one right after another?   Others use them with a space of time between the scaffolding? And -- since in my French class, we have finished the first chapter, would they be "supposed" to be familiar with all of the terms in the stories just posted?  
    So interesting. 
J: When doing embedded readings I normally do only one level per day. This way new vocabulary for each level can be built in as that day's 3-4 new structures, like I said previously.

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