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La Prodigiosa Tarde de Baltazar from Mike Peto

Below is an amazing collection of work from a very generous teacher.   In this blog post, Mike Peto shares his work and his insights.  From Mike Peto’s blog:

“Embedded readings helped me scaffold this story:

I have always loved this story by García Márquez but, until now, I never quite managed to find the right approach to teaching it. This is such a delight to read and discuss, yet the high-level vocabulary threatens to derail the conversation from the interesting ideas presented in the story to incomprehensible trivia (i.e. what are the “eaves” of a house, and why do i need to know that word in Spanish?). Here is how I approached this story for my AP language class:”

You can find the rest of his post….the Embedded Readings…and much more here on Mike’s blog.

When I asked Mike if I could post his piece here he sent this response: ” Of course! It was a lot of work, I´d like as many people as possible to benefit 🙂

Thank you so much Mike!!


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