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Welcome to FLENEF Summer Conference!

Hello and welcome to the FLENEF Summer Conference in Jacksonville, Florida!   What a great opportunity for language teachers in Northeast Florida to prepare for a new school year!  Thank you to all of you who worked hard to prepare this conference.

Here you will find the PowerPoint for the presentation:

flenef 2013

Here are the handouts:

er jacksonville

There is so much more information about Embedded Reading here on the site.  Please explore!!

When you’ve tried it with your students, write in and let us know how it went.  We’d love to hear from you.



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5 thoughts on “Welcome to FLENEF Summer Conference!

  1. Laurie – the “embedded reading” model works well with teachers, too! We forget that it is difficult for anyone to comprehend and remember new material when it is presented all at once. We all need scaffolding! Thanks for the reminder and the method.

  2. Janet Robles on said:

    Laurie: We are so fortunate to have you attend! I LOVE the concept of students visualizing the vocabulary and cant wait to use it in my class.

  3. Thank you both….what a wonderful group of dedicated professionals and fun people!!

    with love,

  4. kataluga on said:

    I wish I’d known you were here. My own fault for not keeping in touch roomie. You were only 2.5 hrs away & I’d driven it to hang out and learn more. Not being a foreign language teacher, I’m not in the loop.

    However, you and Michele will be happy to know I did my first community language learning class at the local library of Mvskoke Creek. We had 20 folks some driving as far as 2 hrs. to attend (felt a little Alaskan in the travel factor, but not the temp.).

    I’ve created my first embedded reading to work with for next month (yep it is monthly with a cd and handouts for homework-90 minute sessions). And I used a Smart Board for the first time.

    Whooo who! I’m stepping up now.
    all my love and I’ll check in more–

  5. Kate you are amazing!!!
    with love,

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