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ER for Science Classes: The Role of Amino Acids

Below you will find an Embedded Reading for high school science classes.  The base reading and first version may also be appropriate for younger students.


The Role of Amino Acids


The questions included are only suggestions.  Teachers may want to adapt them for their own classes.  They are all short-answer questions at this time, but could easily be adapted to a T/F or Multiple Choice format as well.


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2 thoughts on “ER for Science Classes: The Role of Amino Acids

  1. Kulsum Vakharia on said:

    Does anyone know a source for good embedded readings for science subjects? I know there are two on here – the Vet science, and amino acids. But I’d like to use some in a chemistry class – and am wondering if there are already articles out there I can draw from instead of creating my own.

    Thank you!

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