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Toda-lly Awesome: A Latinist on Embedded Reading

Keith Toda is a fantastic Latin teacher who also writes a great blog for Latin teachers!  In two separate posts, Keith writes about his experiences with Embedded Reading.  What he writes about can support anyone who is working with Embedded Reading.  Check out these two posts below…and Keith’s blog while you are at it!    Thanks Keith for permission to share!!

( Dr. Robert Patrick of Georgia and a brilliant team of Latinists have been working for several years with Embedded Reading in the Latin classroom.  Latin!!  While each of them has the ability to create readings on their own, they are working together to create materials to share with others.  This collaboration has lead to professional support, collegiality, and a focused goal to provide comprehensible input for Latin students.    Learning to create and use Embedded Readings is a process and Keith shares some of his “ahas!”  in these useful and insightful posts.)

Keith first addresses why he was interested in using Embedded Readings and how he got started.  He shares a short example in Latin AND his thoughts about how his students responded.

Read his first blog post here!!   

Then Keith reflects on the needs of his students and what he would like to do next.  THIS is the heart of a great teacher.

Read his second blog post here!!

Thank you Keith for being part of the Embedded Reading community and for all you do in the Latin community!

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2 thoughts on “Toda-lly Awesome: A Latinist on Embedded Reading

  1. Laurie and Michelle,

    I am so honored that you did a write-up about my blog entries on embedded readings, but moreso, I so appreciate your kind words. I thoroughly enjoyed both of your presentations at NTPRS last week, and I am so grateful that you two developed this vitally important CI strategy. Thanks for all you have done for the “Justins” in our classrooms.


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