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TCI Ohio in Dublin!!

Welcome to a snowy start in Ohio!!

Thank you for tuning in!

We had so much fun yesterday!  Thanks again to Siri for her perfectly timed appearance!!

Here is a top 10 document that might be helpful for you:

Embedded Reading Top 10 ish

The PowerPoint:

Ohio TCI Embedded Reading2

and your German story:

German Story Plus2

after the German story there is another story that you can use (just change the language!) with your students for practice!!

Please keep in touch and check out the other resources on the website!


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5 thoughts on “TCI Ohio in Dublin!!

  1. twiechart on said:

    Thank you so much for traveling to share your unique wisdom with the group.

  2. This was such a wonderful opportunity! Thank you so much Teri and all of you who attended!!!

  3. Brigitte on said:

    Hi Laurie, I’m curious about your German powerpoint. Unfortunately, I cannot open it – I get a message that says the link is broken.

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