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It Ain’t All Rainbows and Lollipops: Hearts For Teaching Blog Post

Hearts For Teaching Blog Posts will appear here until September 1st.

Just in case you were thinking that it is all rainbows and lollipops….I don’t want to mislead you…it isn’t.  And almost ALL of the things aren’t have to do with me.  Well, me and the fact that teachers are expected to do so many things.

Remember the “Magic Attendance Poster”?

Well….it only works if I have remembered to get the cards in before classes start!!

And the posters the kids are handing in?

Well….if I don’t remember to ask each student if his/her name is on the poster I have no idea who to give credit to!!

The list goes on…..

It’s the consistent follow up that makes the difference….and I will ALWAYS have to work on that!!

Here are a few other things I haven’t yet completed:

  1.  Signing the twenty 504 plans that came in and noting each child’s needs somewhere where I will remember them.
  2. Creating and printing the syllabus for Back to School Night on Thursday.
  3. Entering the grades from last week’s quiz and the posters. (Although I did get the grade book set up!)
  4. A parent phone call that I really need to make. (Although I did get the other four done.)
  5. Turning in the three days of emergency sub plans required by the district for each level of instruction.

And that list, too, goes on….

Just remember, if you are a blog follower, that we too are teachers just like you.  We tend to post about the successes, but we ALL have our lists, and our less-than-successes to share.

with love,


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