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Movie Suggestion: Vantage Point (Upper Levels)

I don’t know how many or which languages are available, but my fellow language teachers..check out the movie Vantage Point © 2008 Columbia Pictures

You will obviously need to preview it for your students and your community, but I have used it successfully in Spanish with high school juniors and seniors.

The beauty of this movie is that the audience sees the main event, over and over again from the point of view of a number of different characters.    Each time, new information is added …sound familiar?!!  The entire story is not revealed until the end of the film.
Attached is the Embedded Reading that I used with the first four segments of the movie.  I hope that some of you find it useful.

Vantage Point (Punto de Vista)

P.S.  The movie takes place in Salamanca, Spain!!



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