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Base Story Collection

Over the past few weeks teachers have asked if there is a category just for base stories.  What a great idea!!!!!!

A base story is the place to start.  Many teachers are just learning how to use READING FOR THE STORY or READING FOR ACQUISITION (not just answering questions or hunting for recognizable words).   They are looking for short pieces to use to develop their skills and to train their students.

A base story will also allow teachers a strong starting place for teacher who want to practice creating stories from the Bottom Up.   So here is what we are going to try…

I’m going to start a category for base stories in a number of languages.   Please send in a base story in your language and in English!  (3-10 sentences, G-rated, not yet personalized w/ specific places and names)

If you use one in class and develop a neat embedded reading from in, send that in as well and we’ll put that out for teachers to utilize as well.
Thanks to all of you who suggested this idea!!


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