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Escapa Un Pelotero

Below you will find the first two levels of an Embedded Reading that I have been using with my Spanish 3 class.   This first reading is a new format for me with my upper level classes and the students found it very helpful.  There is a sentence followed by two illustrations.   One illustration accurately represents the sentence and the other does not.  The students were asked to read the sentence and then choose the appropriate illustration.   It really helped them to remember to visualize, rather than translate, even when the language was advanced or the sentence was complex.

Olivera 1

The second reading has multiple choice questions in Spanish.   Again, I am working at this time of year with my students so that they will not be overwhelmed by these longer questions and answers in the target language.   I tried to include some questions with longer answers and others with shorter, simpler answers to read and choose from.    In our department we have found great success with scaffolding the questions as well as scaffolding the readings.

Olivera 2

I hope to post the remaining two levels with their activities in the next few days.  We read these at the end of a unit which included the novel Felipe Alou and the DVD Pelotero.


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