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The Parrot Story by Dustin W.

This post is long overdue!!  Dusty created this piece in October and it should have been posted then!  Did you hear about the parrot that disappeared for four years?  Well, this English-speaking British parrot mysteriously disappeared and reappeared four years later…speaking Spanish!  You can read Dustin’s Embedded Readings in Spanish and the article in English here:

The Parrot Story!

A Call for Science-Based Readings

We have had requests for teachers to share Science-based readings in English.  If you, or someone you know of, has been using Embedded Reading in the area of Science, would you consider sharing?  You can send your readings to us at lclarcq@yahoo.com    We will give you full recognition for your work, unless you would prefer to be anonymous or just use your initials.   Thank you so much!



La Conciencia by Ana Maria Matute…a question for readers

The following post, La Conciencia (Ana Maria Matute) is a very popular post on this site.  We would love to know if it has been helpful for you, and how.  If you are using/have used this post, would you please  leave a comment below?  All comments are moderated and will not appear unless approved.  We will not post the comments, but will use them to create other posts that teachers find useful.


Thank you so much!!


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