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Hope you had a great time at the Rockin’ Rochester Regional conference for NYSAFLT!!   Below you will find the resources for both the  Building Bridges and Embedded Reading workshops!!

Building Bridges PowerPoint    RR 2015 Embedded Reading PP

Embedded Reading PowerPoint   RR 2015 Embedded Reading PP


Reading Activities Chart Buidling Bridges and Embedded Reading

Chap 2 El Viaje de Su Vida Nombre      from El Viaje de Su Vida by Blaine Ray

Chap 3 El Viaje de Su Vida

La Bandera de José

La bandera de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos o México es uno de los símbolos patrios

Reading Samples Building Bridges and Embedded Reading

storybuilding diagram

Storyboard French Building Bridges and Embedded Reading    created by Carol Hill

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