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Charlton-Dudley Workshops Information!

For the morning attendees:  Here is the PowerPoint from our morning exploration of TPRS!   Make sure to check out the story in Vietnamese at the end of the PowerPoint!!!  Our story about “Angelina” in Germany and Indonesia was the lead in!!

Storytelling 2015

Here are the handouts:

storybuilding diagram

Storytelling Handout

Possible Assessments By Skill

Vocabulary in Vietnamese

Here is a handout with a template for the questioning technique (Circling) that was used all morning:

Questioning Technique Circling

You can read more about this technique here:

Basic Circling  (this is a free resource on Martina Bex’s Teachers Pay Teachers store)

How to Circle Like a Champion (blog post)

and click here see a circling demo by Martina Bex.

For the afternoon attendees:

Here is the PowerPoint:

Lighting Up Literacy

Here is the primary handout:

Reading Handout 2

You also received several of the handouts above!

It was wonderful to spend the day with so many motivated teachers!  Many of you had great questions….you may find some answers by checking out the post from the reading presentation here: Rochester Regional  or the Embedded Reading presentation here:  FLENJ

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