Embedded Reading

Simplify, Scaffold, Succeed!!

Judy D.B.

Judy teaches English in France and often uses film as part of her curriculum.  Thank you for your feedback Judy!!

I wanted to share a comment I got from a student today,  We’re

studying the film The Mighty and I made an embedded reading

which is a summary of the opening scenes. We spent a class reading

Versions I and II, and today I gave them III. I had actually hesitated,

thinking that maybe II was as much as this group of (weak) students

could handle. They glanced at it and one boy said, “This one is easy!”

I think that is when I realized what embedded reading is all about.

It was easy, because they have acquired the structures that were

presented in I and II.

Judy D.B.

(teacher of English as a second language)



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