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Michael K.

Michael wrote to the moretprs listserv ( a yahoo group!! Check it out!) about his first experience with an embedded reading.   Thank you Michael!

Thanks to a weekly collaboration time that our district began this year, I have been able to work with other World Language teachers on best practices, among other topics. Because of that, I was inspired to write an embedded story for the first time.

I wrote three scenes. The first scene began with a slide introducing the three words we were learning – pictures included. Slide two had four sentences with with enough space in between to add more. Slide 3 added a sentence below each of the original four, adding one more detail. Slides 4 and 5 continued adding one more sentence to each group until we had three 4 sentence paragraphs, repeating the target words as often as possible.

We did one scene in about 20 minutes, incorporating some circling on the new sentences and TPR as we repeated ones from previous slides. As we got to the last slide of the scene, I was pleased to hear students anticipate the details that they had seen a few times. They were also repeating my silly sound effects for the gestures (putting on boots sounds different than putting on shoes).

The final slide was the original four sentences from the second slide. I asked students to tell me what happens in English and they were quick to do it. The next day we used that slide as a refresher before moving on to the next scene.

We covered about 10 new words in the three scenes. 6 weeks later these words are still fresh in most of their minds.


Michael K.


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