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Despereaux, El Pequeño Gran Héroe Post #2

Following the Embedded Reading the class watched the “trailer” for the film:

The clip was shown, without sound, using a “Movie Talk” format to narrate and discuss the scenes.    The Embedded Reading provided the group with a great base to begin to discuss the clips and to predict what might happen in the movie.

The students then chose one version of the Embedded Reading to re-read before watching longer clips of the film.

In groups the students examined the following list of qualities and determined the English equivilents.  (this was primarily review and recognition of cognates)

La honradez

La justicia

La verdad

La amistad

La confianza

La dignidad

La educación

La libertad

La fé

La paz

La salud

La ayuda

El respeto

El trabajo

El hogar

El amor

El cariño

Each student created a list of the top 5 qualities s/he believed were necessary for being a hero.


Film “The Tale of Desperaux” © Universal Pictures 2008

Book ©  “Desperaux” by Kate DiCamillo, published by Candlewick Press 2003.


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