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Alma …game!

Here is a wonderful reading activity “game” sent to us from “Fravan” (Twitter handle) in Maine.  If you have been using Alma…this is great!!   Just click on the words below and when the window opens up, click on play below the “Game Console”  Gracias !!!

Alma Game



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5 thoughts on “Alma …game!

  1. Awesome! Now I need to translate/ re- do for french! How do you do that?

  2. I don’t know yet, but I aim to find out!!!! Isn’t that cool?!!!

  3. Did anyone struggle with this game? I’ve tried 3 browsers and turning off my adblocker, but it didn’t work past the first question. My colleague is working with Alma this week and might really like this resource (we share a room/computer).

    • Oh no!! I’ve used it three or four times without trouble… I don’t know what could be wrong. Is there a Help tag or a Contact where you could connect with the folks at the site? Sometimes they can help…let me know how it goes!

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