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Welcome to FLENJ !!!


Here is the PowerPoint that was used for the  FLENJ 2015  Embedded Reading presentation:

FLENJ 2015 Share

The Grandma PowerPoints and the handouts are at the bottom of this post….Scroll down!!

The FLENJ Spring conference has been full of dynamic and devoted teachers.   Below are a number of resources for teachers interested in Comprehensible Input, TPRS and Embedded Reading.   First are websites, blogs and more.  Below that are the resources for the Embedded Reading presentation.  Thank you for coming.

Summer Conferences 2015

 National TPRS Conference 2015 (Washington D.C. area) 

iFLT Conference 2015 (Minneapolis, Minnesota) 

Stephen Krashen      Keynote Speaker

Local lResources

Piedad Gutierrez     TPRS of  New Jersey

Facebook Groups    Tri-State TCI         North Jersey PLC  Contact Noemi @  nrodriguez@pascack.k12.nj.



Presenters / Vendors    

Ben Slavic               Blog   and  TPRS and Comprehensible Input Training

Blaine Ray              Blaine Ray Publishing

Bryce Hedstrom     Training and Materials

Carol Gaab             TPRS Publishing Inc.

Michael Miller        Charo y Lee Materials     Sabine und Michael Materials

Mira Canion            Presentations and Novels

Scott Benedict       Teach For June     Immediate Immersion (Curriculum Materials)

TPRS/CI                  Presenters/Trainers

Laurie Clarcq            lclarcq@yahoo.com

Jan Holter Kittock     Educator in Service

TPRS/CI      Presenters /  Trainers for Teachers of Chinese

Haiyun Lu      Blog and Info   Ignite Chinese

Liam O’Neill

Terry Waltz


Bryan Kandel

Carrie Toth 

Cynthia Hitz    

Dustin Williamson

Keith Toda    (Latin teacher)

Kristy Placido

Laurie Clarcq       www.EmbeddedReading.com       www.heartsforteaching.com 

Martina Bex     The Comprehensible Classroom

Michele Whaley   M.J.’s Comprehensible Input        Embedded Reading 

Mike Peto   (great upper level ideas)

Just Great People With Great Ideas

Susan Gross

**Other Resources used during the Embedded Reading presentation:**

Grandma 1  PP

Grandma 2   document

Grandma 2  PP

TF Grandma  document

MC Grandma  document

Grandma 5  PP

Embedded Reading Explanation

Reading Activities Chart

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