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L’Oranger Magique, Embedded Reading and Mini-Stories by Rosemarie Alagia

We are so happy to offer another Embedded Reading in French!   This is from a wonderful folk tale and was created by Rosemarie Alagia.   Thank you so much Rosemarie!!

This reading was part of an entire unit that took a number of weeks to complete.  Rosemarie has also generously shared several mini-stories that she used in order to pre-teach vocabulary and structures that her students would need in order to be successful readers of this folk tale.     MERCI !!!

Pre-Embedded Reading:  Mini Stories

L’oranger magique miniconte 1   (from a Blaine Ray mini-story)

L’oranger magique miniconte 2

L’oranger magique miniconte 3

L’oranger magique miniconte 4

Embedded Readings

Oranger Magique simplest version

L’oranger magique Version 2

L’oranger magique version 3

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