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Hello Sr. Wooly Fans!!

Welcome to the Embedded Reading site!   We are so happy to have you here and to be working with the amazing Sr. Wooly!  It is such an honor.

Our “first ever” Sr. Wooly video Embedded Reading was contributed by a workshop participant and is from

No Voy A Levantarme

Thanks to Sara for writing and sharing it!

Thanks to Sr. Wooly and his talented teacher-writers for their readings!  Check out the readings here on one of his most popular songs.   Just click on Supplemental Materials!

Maine TCI and Beyond!! 14

Hello! It’s so exciting to be back in Maine!!

PP 14 Beginning Embedded Reading

Embedded Reading Beginners…here is your PowerPoint:


For the advanced group……Here is your PowerPoint:

( FYI…Slides 6-16 really connect with Carrie Toth’s UbD presentation with choosing structures.)

Embedded Reading II

Here are some readings in Spanish that we are going to “whittle” down this afternoon!

Todo Vuelve Axel Fernando

Vivir Mi Vida Marc Anthony

BeginningoftheWorld Latin





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